bonefish flies for the bahamas

Squimp can tie it in various colors and materials.

Mantis Shrimp Variation, good fly.

#6 Tan Puff. Works anytime of the year but particularly well during the colder months of January, February, and March. During these months think small and buggy.

Pink Puff with some legs, called it a Super Puff. This was the only fly I threw for the first couple years I was on the island. It always worked, still does. The only reason I don't throw it is because I got tired of looking at it.

Petersons Shrimp Original, tied by the man himself.
Standard Rootbeer Gotcha...ish fly. Very effective.

From the archives.....This fly got it's name because it's so ugly. It was the only fly and entire group of eight threw for an entire week. They caught a lot of fish.
Another fly from the archives, the Mars Bay Special. I thought I'd tied a no refusal fly day it was refused. Predecessor of the Fitz Fly.