Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge


If you contact the lodge more than 90 days prior to the date of your arrival a refund will be issued or you may reschedule. It gives the lodge a reasonable amount of time to possibly fill your slot. The lodge will not issue credits, reschedule, or grant refunds if the cancellation occurs 90 days or less from the arrival date.   

The policy seems rude....WHY?  Because the lodge initially held your slot for months, or even a year, when it could have possibly been sold several times over given the opportunity. 

Here's what most don't understand....Every reschedule is a loss equivalent to the cost of your trip. By rescheduling a guest, that is a slot in the future that cannot be sold. The lodge loses the entire cost of the cancelled trip because it was actually two trips that were reserved with the reschedule; the original dates and the rescheduled dates. When you ask for a refund, credit, or to reschedule you are asking the lodge to forfeit revenues equal to the cost of your trip. 

 Mars Bay is not an insurance company. Buy trip insurance!!!! If you chose to roll the dice and not buy trip insurance do so at your own risk.

Receipt of deposit and/or final payment is acknowledgment that you have read and accept the deposits, cancellations, and refund policy.

You can buy trip insurance here....