I've been called several things but most people call me Bill. I tend to the details. I'm an American owner/operator and have been managing the lodge since it opened in 2002. 

I'd like to be clear about what Mars Bay is and what it ain't.......this ain't resort, it is a fishing lodge. All slots are reserved for fishing guests. I don't entertain complaints about the internet being down, bugs and mosquitoes, the pillows being too hard, not enough closet space, or dogs fornicating on the beach. Yeah....it happened. I politely said,"you didn't have to watch". On arrival odds are good one of my dogs will stick his nose up your ass. He's glad to see you.

There is absolutely nothing pretentious about the lodge.  We use paper napkins, we won't crack your pepper for you. You'll not find a mint on your pillow or a fresh flower on your nightstand. You can grab your own beer and mix your own drink the way you like it. And we won't insult you by charging you for every beer, soda, or glass of booze you drink like some very expensive lodges do. It's included in the rate. Think of it as the difference between a stuffy dinner party or a casual gathering with good friends.

The lodge has a laid back vibe to but don't let that mislead you. Everything goes off on time as scheduled. One review said the lodge runs like a Swiss watch. The reviews are always the same; great food, great house staff, clean rooms, excellent guides, well maintained boats,  great fishing, we'll be back.

We are a small lodge with capacity for ten fishermen. We take bookings for singles, doubles, sets, and groups to fill the lodge. Because we are a small lodge it sets up great for groups of ten wanting to reserve the entire lodge.

Mars Bay is situated on the southeastern tip of Andros. We fish the southern tip everyday. That affords anglers a short skiff ride to pristine flats teeming with unpressured bonefish. The lodge itself is located on a flat large enough for a dozen fishermen. Mars Bay is the end of the road. To go any further south you will have to hop in a boat. That puts you ten miles closer to the best fishing grounds on Andros than the nearest lodge. What does that mean to you? No less than a ten mile shorter run over rough open water and an extra hour or two fishing each day. By the end of the week you've fished an entire extra day or two, no charge.

You can expect to encounter everything from large schools of a hundred fish or more of all sizes, classic sight casting to smaller schools of five to twenty fish in the two to ten pound category, as well as shots at cruising doubles and singles exceeding ten pounds!

You will be on the water early and back safely in time for dinner. In twenty years we have had one boat break down and a few limp in but still under power. They were all home in time for dinner. At the end of the day if you still want to fish or practice your cast you are welcome to step out onto the flats in front of the villa and fish till dark. We catch bones there on a regular basis. That is assuming the tide isn't up. You will find the accommodations clean and modern, the food is great, the equipment reliable, the guides excellent, and the beer ice cold.