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Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge, South Andros, Bahamas

Bahamas Bonefishing 

Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge South Andros Bahamas Fly fishing for Bone fish in the Bahamas at Da Bay Area Mars Bay South Andros renovation island

LODGE UPDATE December 2021: 

The new building is ready for the winter/spring 2022 season. Supply chain issues have caused delays in final furnishings but the rooms are complete and ready for occupancy.

Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge South Andros Bahamas

A couple winter 2022 pics. Bruce Ann caught an eleven pound fish at 27 inches just before the full moon in mid-March. LJ's fish appears to be just as big. 

A few Fall 2021 pics, most fishermen don't take a pic. Fall fishing was great, particularly October. There were more big fish caught this fall than any other fall of my past twenty years here on the island.  A ten pound fish will measure 26 - 27 inches to the fork. There were several caught measuring 26 to 30 and one at 32, and another just yesterday at 29, Dec 14.
Last minute addition the day before lodge closing for the holidays. John caught this pig on Dec 16, 2021, huge fish!! 12ish lbs. 
Last Spring and Earlier.....
Mar Bay bahamas bonefish bone fish Da Bay Area renovation island
How catch a big fish....

You gotta surprise them, you have to catch them with their pants down.  How?...a long cast, 70-80ft so close they don't have time to think about it. It's an instinctive reflex reaction. You don't stand a chance once they know you're there.

 The fishery is in excellent shape. Every day fishermen report legit shots at fish 10lbs plus. They didn't get big by being stupid, they're hard to catch. Every week fishermen get a few in the boat. Of course, most are just fish stories without the pic. Tom Bozzuto landed the 12ish fish pictured left and Joe Nourigat's fish is a solid 10lbs on the right. 

The most common question I get is....When is the best time of the year to come? The fall, easily, without a doubt. Why? The  weather is great with hurricane season all but over and cooler days. It's well before the winter cold fronts begin. The fish have had all summer to get stupid. They have not seen a boat or a fisherman since the previous May. 

Years ago I got a call from a gent wanting to come in July. I said I was closed in July. He said he had seven friends. I said I'm open in July. To this day no group has caught so many fish. They where catching 15 to 30 fish a day, everyday, each. For those of you who knew who Rupert Leadon was......he agrees. July is an excellent month for bonefishing.

mars bay South Andros Bonefish renovation island
Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge South Andros Bahamas Fly fishing for Bone fish in the Bahamas at Da Bay Area Mars Bay South Andros

What we have here is a failure to communicate...

 True story......The fisherman is on deck, fly in hand and more line stripped out than he can cast. The guide yells, "11 O'Clock, 45 feet!" The fisherman reels up, hooks his fly on a rod guide, and sits down. He heard, "It's 11:45, let's eat!"

Custom Fly Rods!!! I seen a lot of rods come through this lodge. This gent builds the best I've ever seen; name brand blanks, titanium guides, no-slip graphite handles, whatever you want. A custom rod makes a great gift, or better yet, an investment in your happiness.
Don Jackson -

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