Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge


We get the same old reviews over and over; Well-maintained boats and motors, excellent guides, great food, spotless lodge, sensational staff, excellent management, runs like a clock, etc. Think of it as having a good friend in the Bahamas that has a great set-up on an excellent fishery. We're not a fancy resort, we're a fly fishing lodge. We are located in the settlement of Mars Bay. It's a little rough around the edges. We do have a couple dogs and cats. As written elsewhere on this website.....No steaming towels to pat your brow at the end of of the day, no mints on the pillows, and we won't crack you pepper for you; laid back and casual. You can mix your own drinks the way you like it and carry your rods to the truck in the morning.


I'd rather not post any reviews. Just show up with  low expectations and be pleasantly surprised. Myself and my staff just do what we do and treat others the way we would like to be treated.  But if you want to see a couple here are a few.

“Mars Bay and Bill’s way of things are just my style.  Easy going, well run, good food, comfortable accommodations and great fishing.  There are probably fancier stays on Andros, but I can’t imagine anywhere where the hospitality’s any better.  Everyone there, from the cooks to the boys who help Bill run rods has a smile and is doing everything they can to make your trip the best it can be.  What more can you ask.”


April 2017 - I just wanted to write to tell you what a great time my son and I had with Eric and the group he put together down at the Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge this past week. Bill Howard, the proprietor, is a wonderful host, and he and Eric teamed up to make this an unforgettable trip for us. On our five days with Eric and Bill, the weather was great, the food spectacular, the company uplifting, the menagerie of pets entertaining, the guides super, and to top things off, my son caught his first bonefish on the first day, and he caught a ten pounder on his last day.

April 2017 - We had a super time at the best lodge we've ever been to.  We'll be back next April 7 -14, please reserve the entire lodge.
Ted and Donna Williams

April 2017 - We were extremely impressed with Bill Howard, not only personally, but also how he runs Mars Bay Lodge.  His business is like a well-tuned machine: the food was great, very comfortable accommodations, skilled guides, and incredibly beautiful flats.  We averaged about 4-5 bones to the boat each day, and lost several to the mangroves.  And we had a few shots at some considerably larger bones, which is all one can ask for.......Ward.

Jan 27, 2017 - "Good weather, great fishing, excellent fishing company, good and plentiful food, comfortable accommodations, friendly staff and excellent guides! Bill, the owner/manager was great company, and excellent host and very accommodating to any request or special need! I will return!"

Hi Bill,

First of all let me thank you and your staff for a wonderful time,

Everything was first rate,

The hosting

The fishing

The guides

The cooking


The accommodations

And most of all the warmth of being welcome and taken care of,


We had a terrific time. 

Good fishing,excellent guides,nice clean Rooms and wonderful food.

 Clearly the best food that we have had in all the places we have been in the last 20 years.

 Bill runs a very efficient operation and everything is right on time.

 As always the fishing on South Andros is excellent.


Peter here from Chagrin River outfitters. Just got an email from James. He described the trip in one word. "FANTASTIC" He would like to rebook for next year with his son and of course the rest of the group filling you at 10 anglers. Does this work for you?  Great trip Bill, it was perfect.thank you so much for all you did in making it so special. I look forward to hearing back from you. 


Landed 46 bones, many in the 5-8 lb range. Yesterday at Fish Key we were in about 500 tailing fish that just kept eating our flies. Bill Howard is the best camp manager I have been around. The place was clean, comfortable and the food prepared by Kathy and Vaddy was the best of the Bahamas . I am definitely coming back. Thanks for the recommendation....Richard

Bill Howard at Mars Bay was an excellent host, even getting up early enuf to share coffee and the sunrise with us each morning. in contrast to most of my tropical experiences, Bill`s lodge was very well managed, efficient, clean,
and comfortable with excellent local cuisine (food) and abundant beverages.

The fishing experience from guides, to equipment and locale was worthy of applause and a recommendation.

Another great trip…lots of fun, fish and one BIG fish.  You should be proud of your operation as it is best in the Bahamas. See you again soon, Dan

Well, I’m sure you always hear from agents when shit goes wrong.  But I like to pass long the positive feed back as well.  I have shared Oscar’s comments with the staff just to reinforce what a good job MBBL is doing for our guests.  Oscar (like Ted who loved MBBL) is a very well traveled Bahamas veteran, and generally will point out any negatives (which he has at Bairs, Mangrove Cay, DWCC and NRPC).  So to get a 100% positive report from him tells us you’re doing something right.  Keep on doing what you do, and we’ll keep the warm bodies coming!



Hello Bill,


I wanted to drop a note thanking you for one of the finest trips I have had. Absolutely the most fun that I have ever had with my clothes on. First+ class operation from top to bottom and you personally are the icing on a truly fine and world class cake if you are into culinary metaphors.




Hey Bill,

Great Trip. I learned more about bonefish in 5 days in South Andros,  than I have in the Florida Keys in 10 years. I love the Keys, but have never seen so many huge schools of fish, like I did on this trip. Sooooo many fish, so many opportunities, so many casts that almost made it. haha.

The food was excellent, the beer was ice cold, the boats were great, the fishing spectacular and the conversations filled with laughs. You run a great lodge and have some wonderful people working for you, cooking, cleaning and guiding, they all really cared about everything. 

Tight lines,


The Mars Bay website is the most informative and practical destination site I've read--ever. It fairly characterizes everything about the place, people and experience so there were no surprises. Bill's effort and attention to detail  is apparent. I'd recommend it to a fishing friend in a heartbeat.


 Bill is easily the most hands-on owner/operator I have ever witnessed.   From waking up the guests, ensuring the rib-eyes are cooked perfectly, personally transferring the anglers to the dock in the morning, etc., etc., --Bill is totally and personally focused on every detail.  He truly wants each guest to be completely satisfied.    This translates into the attitude of the staff, the work ethic of the guides, the cleanliness/quality of the facility and boats, the outstanding food service and almost everything else.  It is truly a passion for him.  Secondly, the fishery is about  as strong as I have seen.  I have not seen more and larger bonefish anywhere in the Bahamas.  I spent several days last November on the West Side of Andros and did not see the size and number of very large bonefish that I experienced on the south end of the island with Bill's guides.



Hi Bill,


You’ve got a couple of fans in Ted & Donna.  They loved it!   Ted said as much as they loved Bairs (and they go back to the Stanley & Andy days), we like Mars Bay much more!   It’s so laid back and Bill is such a great host – everything is relaxed.  Ted said the food was every bit as good or better than Bairs.  Guides all good, staff wonderful.  Fishing was just fair, but they still loved the trip and will definitely be back with a group next year in NOV.  Ted said let’s get through the holidays and then I’ll start talking to people and looking at dates. 


I knew it would be a good match!  Thanks for your usual great job looking after my guys.  I appreciate it Bill!