Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge, South Andros - The Best in Bahamas Bonefishing - Mars Bay, South Andros, Bahamas

Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge South Andros, Bahamas

Bahamas Bonefishing at its Finest

BOOK EARLY!! We're a small lodge. April 2015 is already booked solid aside from a couple slots available for a pair of fishermen. We do have availability in January and February and a few weeks open in March and May. Most open dates will fill by January.
FISHING UPDATE:  A 50 fish day between a couple anglers is rare. A single angler catching 50 fish has never happened at Mars Bay. Gene Furgeson landed 50 fish in one day. The largest was 6 lbs. His hand was cramped and he had enough at 48 but the guide talked him into catching a couple more to make it an even 50. That's not counting the 15 that broke off and a few the sharks took.
Bahamas Bonefish, Mars Bay, South Andros
Bahamas Bonefishng has never been better. The largest bone fish in years have been caught at Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge this season...several 10lbs+, usually around the big moons. Of course, most are just fish stories without the pic. Mark Wolf landed the 12ish fish pictured left and Frank Avinger's fish is 10ish on the right. He claims it's 8lbs. 

South Andros Bonefish
Did You ever wonder about bonefish spawning behavior? When, where, how? Check out this video and article.  CLICK HERE
The Doctor is in! The first Doctor flies of the year appear in March. From April through November wade pants with knee high socks are recommended. There is a natural form of deterrence. CLICK HERE and page down for more info.

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